Sunmed Trim Weight Loss w/Nitro-V


Recommended take 1 full dropper at breakfast or Max 2 x a day, preferably break fast and midday Lunch or dinner

with Gel Capsules take 1 or 2 Capsules daily



Introducing Sunmed Trim Weight Loss line of products, featuring THC-V

a compound in hemp known to suppress your appetite naturally.

  • SunMed Trim Weight Loss new line of FDA Approved products with valid clinical trials and studies, TRIM. Our TRIM weight Loss products are predominantly CBD and come with introducing two unique cannabinoids, THCV and CBDV.Β  Β THC-V is a compound in hemp known to suppress your appetite naturally.Β  Studies conducted in conjunction with the MAYO clinic demonstrate the extract’s efficacy for weight loss, girth loss, BMI reduction, and improvement of overall health. If you’re looking for a natural approach to weight loss backed by scientific data with the added anti-inflammatory benefits, you’ll want to grab your bottle when it is available.Let HEMP do the work and take advantage of this balanced weight loss and maintenance approach.


    Want more!Β  Here are the clinical results of Sunmed Trim Weight Loss!


    This revolutionary new line of products in Sunmed Trim weight-loss science is scientifically backed by clinical trials, which showed a remarkable success rate amongst participants spanning over 13 weeks.sunmed trim weight loss oil tincture gel capsule fort worth

    • Up to 18lbs in weight reduction
    • Up to 6in waistline reduction
    • Up to an 8 point drop in BMI

    Results from a 125-person, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical study.Β  Average weight reduction of 9 pounds. Some subjects taking TRIM by SUNMED for 90 days lost 18 pounds. Versus the placebo group that gained as much as 6 pounds. Average waistline reduction of 3 inches. Up to 6 inches in waistline reduction. The average drop in BMI of 3 points. Up to an 8-point drop in BMI.

    Results may vary. Individual results are not guaranteed.

  • Easy to use
    Sunmed Weight Loss products can be consumed through a tincture or a soft gel capsule and should be incorporated into daily routine, including a healthy diet and active lifestyle. The retailer affirms that it can also boost the effectiveness of exercise and nutrition without any extreme adjustments.The recommended serving is 50 mg per day over a 90-day introductory period. Within that time frame, clinical trials have shown up to 18 lbs in weight reduction and up to six inches in waistline reduction resulting from consistent use of Trim by Sunmed.

    Our Trim by Sunmed cost is sold at an introductory price of US$100 at Your CBD Store locations. Products are made using US-grown hemp.

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Gel Capsules or Oil Tinctures

Gel Capsules, Oil Tinctures, Buy 2 Oil Tinctures Save $10, Buy 2 Gel Capsules Save $10, Buy 1 Oil, 1 Gel Capsule Save $10, Buy 4 – 2 Oils and 2 Capsules Save $30, Buy 4 Oil Tinctures ( TRIM ) Save $30πŸ”₯, Buy 4 Gel Capsules ( TRIM ) Save $30πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


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