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SunMed CBD Browse all Products- FAQ

Which CBD Product is Best for You?

Truthfully, the answer to this will require a lot of research and reading to determine which product will suit you best properly. However, the CBD oils at SunMed CBD are our best sellers and extremely popular. These are also what many people choose to start with because they are flexible in usage. Another option is CBD capsules that are convenient, whereas CBD gummies selected because of their pleasing taste. Additionally, CBD topicals are chosen for easy application to specific areas on your skin. You can also browse through our product listing to take a look at other SunMed CBD products such as bath bombs or even vape pens and more. We also offer detailed information about all the products that we are selling to make it easier for you to shop with us…

What is the Difference between CBD Capsules and CBD Oils?

The main difference between CBD capsules and CBD oils is the convenience in usage. CBD capsules contain a pre-measured amount of CBD, coming up to 25mg per capsule. This means that you are going to get the exact amount with each capsule. CBD oils have to will be measured through the dropper. While this is not difficult, you will find this a bit difficult if you want consistency in mg servings. It is a good idea to count the drops you are using. By measuring the drops, you can work out the CBD content per drop relating to the bottle you are using. You can then calculate the dosage in mg that you are consuming. If this is too much hassle, we recommend that you get capsules as they are more convenient, simpler, and easier to use.

What is the Strongest Blend or Highest Milligram Amount of CBD for Sale?

At Sunmed CBD, our strongest milligram amount in CBD oil for sale is the unflavored tincture, which contains 5000 mg. It is available in a bottle with a 60 mL capacity and has a concentration of 80mg of CBD per 1 mL. The second most potent option is the 2500mg oil that which is also unflavored. The third highest CBD for sale is our flavored options. These are available in 1000mg bottles and have 33mg of CBD per 1 mL.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

A question that is very good for beginners to take note of. Although it looks like we’re not trying to answer this question, we want to highlight that everyone has unique body chemistry that can produce different reactions to CBD. Primarily because of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how many cannabinoid receptors interact with CBD compounds.

So, for some people, consuming CBD may produce little to no effects. However, it is still essential to consume CBD patiently and responsibly, mainly when using them for everyday usage. CBD influences the endocannabinoid system directly and indirectly. In many cases, it can take some time before the effects become noticeable. So, be patient and avoid giving up. CBD compounds are wonderfully beneficial and have helped many people.

How Can I Be Sure that SunMed CBD will Work?

Most importantly, we want to remind and point out that Sunmed CBD prioritizes our products' quality more than anything. Moreover, our CBD products are not meant for the treatment, prevention, or cure of any ailment or disease of medical conditions. Customers who are using our products do so for different reasons ranging from daily wellness benefits, helping with sleep patterns, and dealing with everyday stresses.

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